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I’m definitely in to my electronics and I’m very particular on what I like.

Electronics are cool and fun… when they work right and do what you expect them to. These are the winners as far as I’m concerned.


So much data… Where should I keep it?

With Laptops, PCs, Mobile Devices and all that goes along with these items, the amount of photos, video, documents and everything else that needs to be stored, where should it all reside?

I wanted something easy to use and reliable, but I also wanted a fully featured unit. I need multiple accounts for the members of my family, lots of storage space and the ability to access this data securely and with ease from wherever we’re at.

So far the Netgear ReadyNAS has filled the bill quite nicely. the set-up is simple and the functionality is reliable and easy to access from our mobile devices along with laptops and even out Smart TVs! Give this unit a try, we’re pleased and you will be too.

Roku Premiere – HD and 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

This is one device I couldn’t live without.

Over six years ago I purchased my first ROKU and “Cut the Cord” forever. What a great decision!

You’ll still need internet access, but that’s it. No more cable or satellite bills. Just a Netflix subscription, maybe Amazon Prime and an antenna for over-the-air signals, and you’ll have all the programming you need. At least that’s how I feel (my kids agree!).

It’s remarkably easy to use and reliable. I can’t imagine not having this device. We even bring it to hotel rooms when we travel, it’s that easy to connect and use. This way we have our Netflix and Amazon Prime with us.

One simple HDMI cable (included) and a power cable is all it takes. I figure that I’m saving about $1,000.00 annually and that’s real money!

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

By Sony

We had always had the XBox game console, and it was finally time for an upgrade. I figured we would simply get the newest version of XBox and be done, but we decided to do research first, and I’m happy we did.

Naturally the kids are the primary users of the game console, so they had input toward the decision. They reported that they actually enjoyed playing on the PS4 consoles at their friend’s homes a lot. In fact, they felt the PS4 was more fun and a better gaming experience. I didn’t know, so I took their word for it and we left the XBox world for the PS4 universe.

After getting it home, I noticed how well designed the unit is. Hooking it up to our home entertainment system was quick and easy. I noticed that it only comes with one controller, but this is ok since most of the gameplay is on-line and but I went on’line and purchased a second one anyway.

Most of the games are purchased on-line and downloaded to the system which makes things really easy. Their is also a convenient “Wallet” system which allows the parents to place spending limits and restrictions on any on-line transactions.

If you are looking at purchasing a game console and can’t decide which one to get, we’re recommending the PS4.